Ixia solutions equip customers to maximize network and application performance and security throughout the technology lifecycle. Our network testing, visibility, and security solutions promote stronger applications and defenses, and higher ROI in both physical and virtual networks. Founded in 1997, Ixia provides world–class solutions to Fortune 100 companies, carriers, and networking manufacturers worldwide. Learn more at www.ixiacom.com/partners.


Ixia Executive Recognized as 2017 Channel Chief for Third Straight Year

Lori Cornmesser, Ixia Vice President of Global Channel Sales, goes on the record with CRN to discuss how the rapid evolution of technology is providing new opportunities for Ixia partners. Learn how Ixia solutions deliver the best outcomes at every stage—design, deployment, and the day-to-day operation and defense of networks and applications.

Full Speed Ahead: The Channel Xcelerate Partner Program

In technology, things happen fast. Partnering with Ixia makes them happen even faster. We’ll help accelerate delivery of powerful solutions and services to your customers while speeding your own time to revenue and new opportunities. Joining forces with Ixia helps resellers, OEMs, and technology partners worldwide open more doors, close more sales, and capture a larger share of fast-growing markets.

Ixia's Vision ONE™ Packet Brokers

Security tools are only as good as the data they see. Firewalls, IPS, compliance, analytics and other security and monitoring tools rely on Ixia’s Vision ONE network packet brokers to deliver rich context intelligence, 100% reliable packet processing, SSL decryption, and more. Watch the video to see it all.

Case Study: Visibility Makes Banking More Secure

A large bank in the Middle East was upgrading its security architecture. It was recommended that they install a network packet broker, and after reading a Tolly Report showing that some packet brokers were likely to drop packets, they turned to Ixia to help secure their network and save big on CAPEX.